Let’s be honest, distressed denim can go one of two ways: amazingly well, or horribly wrong. And we’re pretty sure you’d prefer to avoid the latter.

Too many rips with too many accessories looks over done, while slouchy denim with an oversized top gives off the hobo vibe- minus the chic. So how do you get it just right?

 Take a look at our five ways to wear distressed denim this winter. Then head to your wardrobe and start putting your own look together.

SachaGet some length with a long coat.

Lengthen your body with a 3/4, printed coat. Structured shoulders and lapel balance out the slouched jeans, just roll the hem once or twice to show a touch of ankle. Then slip into Sacha to complete the look.


Sometimes, less is more.

 Remember, your jeans don’t need to look like you’ve been wearing them since primary school. A simple slit over each knee is adequate. Neutrals work well with this look, just add Juliette to be on point.

BiancaLayer up, lovely.

With all those windows letting the cold air in, it’s no surprise that layering is key to this winter trend. Keep things tonal with Bianca, black on black with a pop of colour avoids you looking disheveled, rather than delicious. And warm. Mmm, hot chocolate.

KamiBleached beauty.

Forget all you know about white jeans. No longer reserved for an illustrious clan of spaghetti legged models, we know you in all of your natural beauty will rock this look even better. The key is too them a little slouched and a lot shredded. The perfect blank canvas for a bold tee. Just add Kami for a that extra kick.

AlizaDenim and leather, together forever.

Any babe who’s even remotely interested in fashion knows that distressed denim goes together like Kim and Kanye. But better. And perhaps for longer. Just add a classic white shirt and Aliza for a little height.

 On your way now, go grab those scissors and see what you can do.


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