A dark mood

Sometimes we get hit by an all-black mood- and by sometimes we mean all the time.

We want a black skirt, black shirt, black jeans and jacket, caught in the idea that we’re some artistic muse, powerful exec, or model between shoots.

Maybe you’re channeling Anna Wintour, Cara Develigne, or Kim Kardashian? Either way, black minimalism can be a lot of things:

Empowering or subdued, creative or conservative, dark and brooding, or light and fresh. And above all? It’s slimming, which we can’t deny is the most favourable characteristic of all.

Whatever the reason, mood, or inspiration, donning all-black allows us to outfit repeat, layer pieces and mix textiles without being too intense.

The only problem? The one-palette look can slip into the realm of being a bit uninspired.

To prevent submission into the ordinary it’s important to properly accessorise, and what better way to shake up your one-shaded getup than with some statement shoes?

The all-black’s one-dimensional tone will help contrast, and drive some much-deserved attention to your shoes- making them the feature of your outfit rather than just a minor detail.


The gorgeous Olivia Palermo and her touch of leopard create an outfit that’s anything but boring. Her black fur vest and alligator handbag contrast against playful Simba so Olivia doesn’t look too brooding in her dark getup.


Make a killer impact by pairing classic red pumps- in the form of Louis– with your black outfit to really make a statement. Channel Miranda’s look with a swipe of red lipstick and a classic bag to create a brilliant finish.


Strappy heels are an easy way to add detail. Like Kim, if you’re wearing a simple dress match it back with Kayla. Keep the jewellery to a minimum with just a few bangles to let your shoes stay the feature.



If you want to keep your look stylish and simple, nothing says so more than a monochrome palette. Pair your LBD with Golden – not only does it make matching other accessories simpler, but it means you can slip from casual day into sophisticated night with ease.



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