Coachella: What character are you?

Cleverly disguised as a music festival, Coachella is one of the greatest annual fashion events in the world. Forget Fashion Week in Paris. Coachella is where it’s at.

We’re guessing most of you just went to the more affordable version, ‘Couchella’, where you watch the live streaming of Coachella on your couch.

Meanwhile, bloggers and photographers flocked by the hundreds to wander the Coachella grasslands, which soon become fields of dust and empty beer cans. The bloggers go to flaunt their best outfits, which they have spent weeks coordinating and styling, whilst the photographers try to find them and shoot them.

It’s kind of like hunting, except the fashionista wants to be shot.

The beauty of Coachella, and other festivals alike, is that it’s not just your regular street style fashion. It’s like a whole other world as most of the outfits you see surfacing post-festival would not be so easily spotted on the street.

It seems music festival fashion is a modern day phenomenon, so unique and exclusive to its context.

And thank shoe-heaven, because it’s this unwritten rule – where you only wear festival outfits at festivals – that encourages such creativity. So much so that festival outfits are becoming more like costumes and less like clothes.

We’re loving it – who wouldn’t love the opportunity to dress up, escape and listen to music for a few days?

And now that the Australian music festival lineup for Splendour in the Grass has just been announced, we have to ask ourselves a very serious question:

What’s your festival character, and what in shoe-heaven are you going to wear?

Jen the chiller

1. The Chiller

These are the girls that balance comfy with quirky. They could be in ripped shorts and a vintage tee, or a bralette and some overalls. They care about being comfortable and being different. To get this relaxed look, keep your hair in natural waves or pinned back in a tight bun, find some second hand sunnies, and finish with a pair of boots, like Jen to keep you dancing all night.

the jimmy festival sandal

2. The Girl That Just Wants To Have Fun

If you feel like having a bit of fun, then it’s time to start hunting for all your old clothes, because you’re about to channel your inner 90’s child. Try mixing as many colours and prints as you can, then finish your look with a cute bumbag, some love heart sunnies and a playful sandal like Jimmy.

the patti boot

3. The Urban Gypsy

If you love accessories, then this look is for you. Wear a simple dress, or top and skirt combo, then drench yourself in jewellery from head to toe. From ear cuffs to toe rings, belts to bracelets – just put it all on at once. Finish the look with the urban gypsy’s two best friends: a wide brim hat to protect her from the desert sun and some chic boots like Patti to help her on her endless wanders.

whisher metallic birkenstock

4. The Sports Luxer

Whoever said that you couldn’t rock your sports gear at a festival seriously didn’t know what they were talking about. When you think about all that dancing and walking, it makes perfect sense. To be less dumb-bell and more bombshell, mix your look with some quality leather pieces, like a leather cap or backpack. Try some red lipstick and a touch of metallic like Whish.


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