Christmas Costumes

Eartha Kitt knew a thing or two about Christmas when she asked for a ’54 convertible. As well as a yacht, deed to a platinum mine, some decorations from Tiffany’s and signed blank checks. Best. Christmas. List. Ever.

But let’s not forget that Christmas is supposed to be about spending time with family – whether that be feuding or bonding, just think: it’s probably the closest any of us will get to feeling like a Kardashian.

For us less blessed, Christmas generally means carb overload as you dig into your second helping of roast potatoes and stuffing. Or maybe it’s an evening watching some corny old Xmas flick starring that girl from Matilda.

Whatever you will endure this year, one thing’s for sure – you’re probably going to have to dress a little bit like Christmas. Don’t freak. We got this.


Regina George had it going on but we can’t all pull off red patent leather mini dresses. Nor can we be Cara Develingne in a Santa-themed bikini on roller-skates. We can, however, get a fun Christmas top, pair it with some dark red lips and patent leather pumps – like Ash in black – and look as fab as LC.


Let’s face it – dressing for the festive season can be tricky teetering between tasteful and flirty, whilst sidestepping tacky and stupid. Because come on, you need to be able to go out in public after. Take a leaf from Taylor’s book and pick out a classic doll dress in red, add some lippy to match before finishing with Juliette.


Nothing says stylish power babe like the suit, pant and stiletto combo – favoured by the likes of Angelina Jolie among other A-listers. Better grab yourself a pair of red kicks, like the Louis Luxe, in red for that festive finish to your killer getup.


There are plenty of other colours in the Xmas palette apart from red, including the colour of queens, goddesses and stars – gold of course. Pick out your favourite metallic item then pair with muted tones – just so your outfit doesn’t scream ‘look at me’. A classic pair like the Harlow are a good heel option to keep the metallic piece the hero.



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