Four Seasons in A Day

Last week we talked about all the things we love when Autumn comes around; crunchy leaves, the smell of open fires, wooly winter scarves, thigh high boots, chai lattes, trench coats and – our favourite – bikini-free weather (so you… Continue Reading

How To Love Your Shoes

Shoes are our babies. We spend weeks (sometimes seconds) preparing for them. Thinking about them. Then comes that exciting moment when we bundle them up and finally take them home to meet the rest of the family. We carefully place… Continue Reading

VAMFF. The open toe bootie parade.

Our favourite time of the year. A whirlwind of beauty, style, decadence, and above all, fashion. Models can be seen parading through the streets of Melbourne, their long limbs and angelic faces making us mere mortals feel decidedly short. Stylists, fashion… Continue Reading