Your desk. The place of incredible creativity and equally powerful boredom.

We all know the days…

You stare at your screen waiting for the coffee buzz to kick in. Nope, nothing.

Your eye lids are heavy, your inbox is crammed and well – you’re just not that into it today.

But you know you had better pretend you’re doing some work.

What better way than to visit a few of your favourite online shopping destinations? You’ll be typing, you’ll be looking at your screen, and you’ll definitely have that I’m concentrating really hard look on your face.

While you’re there, you may as well start planning this weekends outfit.


Pair a plunging neckline with messy curls and Revolution. Short hemlines work well with the boot of the season: high heeled and over the knee. There’s something about the slither of skin between the top of your boots and the bottom of your dress that will steal the night.


Short and sweet. Keep that little black number interesting with a high neckline and keyhole cut outs. Pop Kat on the end of those pins, grab a gold clutch, and you wont need much else in way of accessories, the night is yours.


 Light up the night with a bit of colour. A sweetheart cut works well with blushing pink- the colour of the season. Paired with Ash and a glass of champagne, you’re guaranteed to own the night.


Make a stand and opt for tailored pants over the usual party dress. A cropped top keeps the look feminine and sexy while Kaiden adds the finishing touches with a hint of silver.

Now just click add to cart. The boss will never know.


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