Borrow From The Boys.

Have you ever taken a look through your wardrobe and wondered just how some pieces got in there? No, not how that purple dress covered in pom poms got in there. We all know that was an (expensive) error in judgement made back in 2007.

But the faded denim jacket. Your favourite over sized blazer. The classic, oversized white shirt. Or that leather biker jacket that must have cost someone hundreds of dollars.

Oh, that’s right. It’s your collection of borrowed clothing. The jackets that were thrown over your shoulders on a date, never to see their original owners again. Or the shirt that you woke up in one foggy morning, that you slipped out of the house in, with your heels dangling in hand.

Other times it was a little more innocent. A knit stolen from your brother, a blazer that looks far better on you than it did you dad. Oh and your boyfriends favourite beanie, the one that he forgot was ever his.

The thing is, sometimes boys clothes just fit you better. They do something to you that womenswear  just can’t do.


The Denim Jacket.

Keep it cool in Nadine. Black jeans and black boots are always a winner, while pink lips offset the punk vibes coming from your tartan shirt and oversized denim jacket. Just add metallic touches with a spiked gold necklace and sunglasses.


The Tailored Blazer.

Layer it up. Singlets, long sleeved tees, and a loose blazer hit all the right notes for a day at the office. A gold men’s watch pick up on the heel detailing of Heidi, while red nails remind everyone you’re a girl at heart.


The White Shirt.

The old classic, done in a new way. Whether it’s a workday or a weekend, pair a fresh white shirt with a lace bralette. Ensure there’s a few buttons left undone, but not too many, until later at least. Slip into Simba for a little leopard action and apply a smoky eye to top it off.


The Leather Jacket.

Make this look yours by adding simple feminine touches to compliment the heaviness of your worn-and-torn biker jacket. Leroy’s silver detailing matches  your headphones, while a hint of baby pink lifts the level of girly-grunge. Clash the blush tones with red sunnies and you’ve nailed it.


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