With Autumn well and truly blowing its tempestuous flag, it’s time to get clever with our trans-seasonal styling so that we can all transition effortlessly.

If you’re like me you’d do just about anything to stretch a few more days out of those summery dresses before covering up the pins for the depths of winter. And the easiest way to achieve this is with boots. Obvi.

Often I get asked “How do I wear an ankle boot with a dress?” and today dear Sirens I hope to inform, enlighten and inspire some good ol’ fashioned boot-scooting.

First and foremost you need to determine which shape of boot suits your leg best. This will be a personal decision and will be based on heel height, circumference of the topline and height of the shaft. There’s no right or wrong here and trust me you’ll know as soon as you put on a winning pair as your legs will instantly elongate. Ankle boots have a tendency to shorten the leg if not fitted properly, so if you don’t get the longing effect, then try playing around with these three proportions until you find a winner. PS..the first thing I would be changing is the shaft height.

Next up decide the occasion for the boot: evening, smart-casual or day wear and as you can see from the Celebs below, the ankle boot transitions easily for all situations. Then compliment your chosen bootie with an outfit to match. Again throw the rules out the window and style your look with flair and individuality. Most styles look great from mini to maxi and all in between, but as a basic rule I would advise against a pencil skirt and urge you towards volume: pleated, tulip or gathered styles are best: much more flattering for the pins!

Hosiery is always a great way to give legs their own identity, and don’t be afraid to rock some clashing colour and textures between frock and heel, but always remember these should be a full length hose never a cropped tight.

So sassy Sirens, how are you feeling about your boots now? Any questions hit me up below, otherwise I look forward to seeing your frocks out and boots on for at least a couple more weeks yet!

In case you’re still in need of convincing here are some of my fav bootylicious looks and of course my top three Siren styles!

Carpe Vita

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