Barely There – Winter Midriff

Just because the temperature is dropping like it’s not so hot, doesn’t mean that it’s time to cover up. Well, perhaps cover up a little – but if you’re going to let one part of your bod run free, let it be your midriff.

The trend that treated you oh so well last season is here to stay.

And so it should. You worked damn hard to tone that little slither of skin just underneath your lady lumps and just above your belly button. Sits ups. Crunches. Limiting your pizza intake to one (WHOLE FAMILY SIZE  :/ ) per week.

No fretting babes. You didn’t put yourself through all of that for nothing. Think short tops and long coats, a bandeau and a beanie, a cropped cashmere knit and a suede ankle boot.

Still not so sure how to take this trend from the summer sun to the winter blues? Take a peek below, we’ll show you how to rock that midriff from boardroom to bedroom, to bar. Or is it the other way around?


On the days where you’re wondering if work will be cancelled due to extreme freezingness, it’s hard to imagine the midriff really working. But this babe proves otherwise. The key? Layers. Tights and Bowden have those pins and toes covered. Now just add a midi skirt, coat, and scarf. Maybe even mittens and a beanie. Cute with a capital C.

Heidi-We’ve never really understood casual Fridays. What happens when you want to go out for drinks after work and you’re in sneakers and a tee? If anything Friday should be the day you wear your best clothes to work. But for those days when you’re donning your comfiest attire and a dinner date pops out of nowhere, you could save yourself by stashing Heidi under your desk. Opt for a cropped cashmere knit over wide leg pants. Throw over a long blazer to keep it boardroom appropriate. Comfy, cute and come 5pm you can slink out of the office and into the bar.


On the odd occasion the sun manages to rear its head between a crack in the clouds, you’ll be ready. Zip up your white a-line skirt to keep things fresh, and pull on a cropped turtleneck. The high neckline offers added warmth while Sacha provides the right height.


No matter what season it is, when Saturday night rolls around there’s no way you’re staying in. It’s time to suck it up and brave the weather. Those toes will only be cold for a minute or two as you hop out of the cab and into the club. A bandeau shows off all the skin that’s needed while a loose jacket keeps your shoulders warm on your way to the dance floor. Now slip it off, pull that pony tail out, and let Karlita lead your dancing feet.


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