Balancing Act

Just like everything in life, fashion is a balancing act.

And just like everything else in life, you’ll learn that finding said balance comes with time and practice.

It’s a little like watching your mum cook dinner on the stove, do the ironing, and hold down a perfectly poised conversation- all at the same time.

You see? Balance.

Not like your year 9 formal outfit that went a little something like this: pink dress, pink nail polish, pink earrings, pink scrunchie.

Hold on, scrunchie? :/

So, how do you make sure you’re not over doing it?

Let’s start here.


Make a statement.

Be it a sexy red dress, hot pink shoes, or a boho-fringed shawl, let a statement piece have its moment. Simplify the rest of your outfit by keeping other pieces basic and black, like Frankie. Putting emphasis on that one piece is the key to not looking over done.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.37.02 pm

Show some skin.

But keep it elegant. Balance a crop with longer pieces like high waisted pants and an oversized blazer. Paired with ankle boots like Nadine and an enviable handbag make for one stylish look.


Always accessorise.

It’s always nice to brighten a monochrome outfit with a pop of colour. Opt for a piece that stands out, without taking all of the attention. After all, Amore can do that for you.


Tone up.

Choose a bold and interesting print to work as your colour palette. While it can be any colour of the rainbow, let’s stick to what we know- black. Accessorise with clean and simple styles like Sacha. And remember, the key is layering tones of the one shade.


Print it.

A stylish way to bring excitement to an outfit and add a little interest. Mix and match your prints from a blue hued skirt to leopard heels. Lara reawakens your wild side.

And just remember, it’s all about balance.



Born and raised in Melbourne Australia, Siren makes no apologies for its bold approach to fashion. For the past decade Siren Shoes have been leading the market with inspirational footwear. Whether it is heels, boots, sandals, flats or wedges, is the fashion shoe destination.

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