Babe in a hat

The hat. A strange concept when you think about it, really. A piece of fabric shaped into a bowl with a brim that sits perched atop your head. And what purpose does it serve?

To keep your head warm. To keep your face shaded from the summer sun. To simply look nice.

That’s reason enough for us.

We’re not sure how exactly such a funny little object can make you look so damn good. But we do know that a winter hat can add just the right amount of something to almost any outfit.

While we all love a cozy beanie, they don’t often bring the level of sophistication that you’re outfit calls for.  Opting for a simple fedora can turn the heat up on your winter threads. Think ripped jeans and big knits. Now just pop that hat on and you’ll have heads turning.


Boho Chic.

What better to balance out a pretty lace dress than Boheme? Pull over a chunky knit and finish the look with a sleek fedora. Steel grey offers a fresh shade over your usual winter black and white, while Boheme’s pony hair keeps you chic.


City Slicker.

Slip your pins into waxed denim jeans and your toes into Realm. This will keep your legs looking long and streamline. Stripes up top keep the look casual enough for a day at the office or an afternoon out shopping. Just pop on that hat to add the finishing touch.


Date Night.

Whether it’s a date with the man or your BFF, drinks are in order. A dose of red on the top of your head and the tips of your toes is sure to make the right statement. Pair Precise with clean white denim and a buttery soft leather jacket. Did someone say spritz?


Weekend Winner.

Ripped jeans, loose knits, wind swept locks -if paired with flats and a beanie you’d have all the makings of a casual weekend in the house. Instead, find your feet in Heart and your head in a hat. Suddenly you’ve got a little added height and a full calendar. Time to play.


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