Australia Day Weekend

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.

Snags, beers, eskies, Triple J’s hottest 100, flags, mullets and zinc.

What, you may ask, are we on about? If you haven’t guessed it by now, that’s just un-Australian of you. The day that we dedicate to our country, or in some cases, the day that we enjoy a few spritzers on the grass – yes, that’s our new thing.

Throughout this big red land we celebrate having a long weekend in many ways. Some may be heading to the Big Day Out festival, others a picnic at their local park, maybe a bonfire on Bondi beach, or the classic BBQ at a mates place.

Any which way you’re celebrating this Australia Day weekend, do it in style. Make sure you’re not the barefooted babe carrying her killer heels in her hand, and be prepared for a long day on your feet with comfort as well as style.


Bring back the hippie vibes of Woodstock by pairing a crochet tee with printed short shorts. Akiko tops off the 70’s look while keeping your heels from sinking into the grass. *cue the memory of that one time you wore stilettos and kept sinking. Tousle your hair and add in a few tiny plaits, now that’s groovy babe.


Keep it fresh in all white for a backyard BBQ. Your boyfriend’s oversized tank goes well with pretty lace pants, Jonas adds just the right amount of height while keeping the look casual. Oh, and don’t forget your sun hat babe.


A picnic in a park while the hottest 100 is counting down the summer tunes, spread your hands out into the grass or weave daisy chains on a blanket. Keep is sweet in denim overalls and lace it up with Jona, you’ve got pretty in the park covered.


Throw over a frayed white sundress and take it up a notch with gold sunnies, a silver necklace and Serra. The mixed metallics work their charm in the sunlight and keep you glimmering as the bonfire heats up and sun goes down.


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