runway ready

We don’t mean to alarm any of you, but… Spring is just around the corner.

Get ready to kiss your winter coats goodbye and say hello to warmer weather, tree blossoms, tulips and – our favourite – Spring Fashion Week.

Meaning, all over Australia catwalks will be popping up and bringing us the best of the latest must-haves and need-nows.

Who doesn’t love a bit of runway action? You get to dress up, mingle amongst celebs, gawk over models, and pick your favourite designer threads and trends. It’s a fashionista’s dream. But like anything, it has its challenges, like figuring out who had the best collection or which cute guy is buying your next espresso martini. We know, it’s a tough life.

But let’s not get a head of ourselves. Before we start fighting over all the hot models and latest collections, you need to figure out one very important thing: what are you going to wear?

You need to make an impression. Not just for the babes you plan on swapping numbers with later, but because you’re going to be surrounded by bloggers, photographers, designers and other fashion VIPs. You want to make sure your outfit says, I come here all the time. And you never know, you could be scouted as the next Miranda Kerr.


1. Throw some serious shade.

Celebs love a good pair of mega sunnies to wear between shows and shoots. Take a leaf from Olivia Palermo’s book and get your own oversized diva shades to match your sexy new heels: Encrypted. Just remember to take your sunglasses off inside – or you won’t see a thing except your face on the floor.

Ivaria Light Tan

2. Keep it simple.

Last thing you want is to look like you’re competing with the girls on the catwalk. Instead, go for an outfit that’s casual but put together well, like a cocktail dress, tailored trench coat and something cheeky on your feet like Ivaria.

Della in white

3. Bigger the better.

Most social events require you to stand all evening- a pain we’ve all experienced- and one that often makes you second-guess what pumps to wear. Luckily, fashion shows let you rest your toosh and your toes. Time to ditch the ballet flats and amp up your footwear with Della. You’ll get extra height, extra attention and party well into the night.


4. Invest in a sidekick.

Second only to heels, your handbag is a key piece that can make or break your look. Get yourself a quality bag and wear it with pride. Whether it’s a statement studded shoulder bag or a clean and lean classic tote, it will be sure to make you stand out from the phonies who don’t even know how to fashion. Fortunately, you do. Finish your look with timeless kicks like Karissa in black.


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