A lesson in scarves

You may have noticed the weather being a tad cold of late. And that’s due to an annual little thing called winter.

Don’t stress. It’s completely normal- and it only happens once a year. For three entire months.

Sure, it’s no summer. But there are a lot of things about winter worth loving.

For one, we get to trade in our teenie-weenie bikinis for beautiful coats, knee high boots and all the other winter accessories you can dream of.

Sure we love our denim cut-offs and our sand soaked towels, but throw us a good knit scarf and we would have completely forgotten about summer.

We’re not saying scarves are limited to the winter months; a light silk scarf can be the perfect addition to a summer look. But whether you’ve scouted it on your lunch break or spent the last few weeks slowly knitting it, there are few things nicer than a big thick scarf you can disappear into.

In honor of our latest obsession, we’ve picked out a few of our favourite winter looks.


Forget carrying around a jacket or jumper; wear a scarf instead. If it’s big enough, it will not only keep your neck and chest warm, but you can turn it into a shawl for when you need that extra layer – talk about multi-tasking accessories. Pair with a subtle and elegant boot like Zed.

boheme pony

If you’ve found yourself dressed in all-black again – nothing wrong with that – shake your look up by picking out a lighter scarf, cream or white will do.  Finish with some comfy but classic boots like Boheme in Pony.


Sometimes there are days when we’d like to ditch the heels for ugg boots. But let’s not go crazy – instead we’lls meet in the middle. Wear a pair of tights to show off your legs, then pick out your favourite oversized knit. Style in a print scarf and add touches of gold to dress things up. Now finish with some serious boots like Karly.


Most of us have a modest two or three quality coats in our wardrobe. But when you end up rotating between them for an entire season it can be hard to feel special in your winter get up. Instead, focus on lifting and changing your look with scarves. A classic and old time favourite is the red tartan scarf. It will turn any classic colour palette into a knockout look, as will a pair of Bronx.


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